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Best Triathlon Apps

These are the best triathlon apps that triathletes can use for their training and triathlon motivation. Triathlon Taren starts the day with a 6k swim in the pool, then ...

Strava Android app review - running with gps

Most people own a smart phone with GPS functionality. These phones all come with apps both free and paid for that can track your running activity by gps.

How to Use Strava Cycling App with Dave Erickson

How to Use Strava Cycling with @IMDaveErickson Swim and Triathlon Training Programs from Dave Erickson: ...

Introducing TrainerRoad for Android™

TrainerRoad is now available on Android. Download the beta app from the Google Play store: Visit ...

2016 Trainer App Review: @TheSufferfest, @GoZwift, @TrainerRoad

Reviewing indoor cycling Apps for Winter 2016-2017. @TheSufferfest @TrainerRoad @GoZwift.

Tri Logger (Triathlete's Training Diary) for Android

Android App... Tri Logger is designed specifically for triathletes by allowing you to track your weekly training progress across all sporting disciplines.

Bike Fast Fit Bike Fitting App Review

Quick review of Bike Fast Fit - a really great little app for doing a rough bike fit.

Triathlon Results Eng Android App

7 Weeks To A Triathlon App

7 Weeks to a Triathlon focuses on achieving triathlon excellence from the ground up with a wealth of information for beginner and experienced triathletes alike.

TriApp. The App for Triathletes. Triathlon App.

Everything to do with triathlon events, all in one place. Concept design. University project.

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